Virgin House (ヴァージンハウス) – 2 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : ヴァージンハウス, 处女俱乐部
Genre(s) : Seinen
Author : HANATSU Hanayo
Artist : HANATSU Hanayo
Years : 2007
Status in Country of Origin : 02 Volumes (Complete)

Yuki was just laid off from her job, has to find new living arrangements, and has just broken up with her boyfriend for being unfaithful. Finding a new place to live that is cheap enough to afford proves to be a serious problem, but the solution is not far behind. She’s not the only one who lost her job in the current restructuring–the cute receptionist Sumire and the (former) company ace Aiko are also in dire straights.

When the three of them meet by chance, Aiko proposes a plan to restart their three lives together. They will rent a house together, and it will be their ‘virgin house,’ a place for new beginnings. Sumire hopes to get a new job where she can snag a rich husband, Aiko hopes to start her own business, and Yuki is toying with her long-abandoned dream of becoming a photographer. In an unexpected twist, all three are also virgins, but for very different reasons. Together, they will start a new life, and hopefully this time they will achieve their dreams!

RAW Manga Virgin House Volume 01-02 | ヴァージンハウス 第01-02巻

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