Tensai Bakabon (天才バカボン) – 21 Volume Complete


Alternative Name : 天才バカボン, Bakabon, Bakabon the Genius
Genre(s) : Comedy, Shounen
Author : AKATSUKA Fujio
Artist : AKATSUKA Fujio
Years : 1967
Status in Country of Origin : 21 Volumes (Complete)

AKATSUKA Fujio’s iconic gag manga, Tensai Bakabon, is a best-seller whose name is recognized by almost everyone in Japan. Saying “Yeah, this is fine!” the Bakabon family cause everyone around them to howl with laughter. Fishing in puddles, playing with an invisible dog, taking a bath with clothes on… Today, too, those in the Bakabon family are being tricked into doing silly things.

RAW Manga Tensai Bakabon Volume 01-21 | 天才バカボン 第01-21巻

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