Bukiyou na Silent (不器用なサイレント) – 5 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : 不器用なサイレント, 笨拙的沉默, Awkward Silence, Mi Vergogno da Morire!, Ohne viele Worte, Silent Love
Genre(s) : Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Sports, Yaoi
Author : TAKANAGA Hinako
Artist : TAKANAGA Hinako
Years : 2004
Status in Country of Origin : 05 Volumes (Complete)

Toono Satoru was just asked to go on a date by Tamiya Keigo, but all Satoru does is stare blankly at him without saying a word. The truth is that Satoru is so happy right now he could burst! He’s had a crush on Tamiya for the longest time and never thought the feelings might be mutual. Unfortunately for Satoru, his emotions never show on his face and he barely ever talks. Naturally, this causes all sorts of misunderstandings. Will he be able to express his true feelings for Tamiya? Will Tamiya ever learn to read Satoru’s expressionless face?

RAW Manga Bukiyou na Silent Volume 01-05 | 不器用なサイレント 第01-05巻

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