Strato! (ストラト!) – Update Volume 1

Alternative Name : ストラト!, Sutorato!
Genre(s) : Seinen
Author : NAKAGAWA Isami
Artist : NAKAGAWA Isami
Years : 2009
Status in Country of Origin : 01 Volumes (Ongoing)

One day, Nakagawa Isami (Manga Artist ·47 Years Old)came up with an idea…Will a happy life be waiting for you if you just keep on slaving away for what’s right under your nose?! —- Yeah, right!! A fun retirement life is impossible in this day and age!! The things that you want to do and the things left undone should be done now!! It’s a bunch of baloney that a happy life should be set aside for your old age. In his life, the one thing left undone was…playing guitar!! He will dream. He will face reality. He will strum that guitar!!

RAW Manga Strato! Volume 01 | ストラト!第01巻

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