Kimi ga Tame ni – Kusunoki Masashige Emaki (君がために ~楠木正成絵巻~) – 1 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : 君がために~楠木正成絵巻, For Your Sake – The Scroll of Kusunoki Masashige, Kimi ga Tame ni, Kimi ga Tameni, Kimi ga Tameni – Kusunoki Masashige Emaki
Genre(s) : Historical, Shoujo
Author : AME Arare
Artist : AME Arare
Years : 2010
Status in Country of Origin : 01 Volume (Complete)

This is a story set in the chaotic late Kamakura period, when Japan was ruled by a shogunate. Many samurai clans formed villainous gangs and made life very dangerous for the common people. After her village was attacked by a violent gang, little Aguri was one of the few survivors. She was picked up by the Kusunoki clan, who she initially blamed for the murder of her town.

Over time, she learned that strength could be used to protect people, not just to hurt them. As the Kusunoki family raised her and taught her to fight, she learned that their clan was one that strove to protect the weak. Her first love was the Kusunoki heir, Masashige, though he only saw her as a little sister. As they struggle through these difficult times, with an unstable government and the dangerous possibility of overthrowing it, will Aguri ever be able to win Masashige’s love?

RAW Manga Kimi ga Tame ni – Kusunoki Masashige Emaki | 君がために ~楠木正成絵巻~

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