Junkyard Magnetic (ジャンクヤード・マグネティク) – 3 Volume Ongoing

Alternative Name :
Genre(s) : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
Author : MURAYAMA Wataru
Artist : MURAYAMA Wataru
Years : 2005
Status in Country of Origin : 03 Volumes (Ongoing)

The story takes place in a world where most machines have stopped working and where virtually all animal species have disappeared. One group, composed of two sister witches for powerful spells and a young boy who calls himself “Prince,” began a long journey to destroy the “magic stones” giving their possessors immense powers but in counterpart, corrupt their souls. They range from adventures adventures, being invited to assist people they encounter: an old man whose daughter was kidnapped and who has the magic stone which has bribed her father, a village where all the men were transformed into toads by a jealous witch of their love…

RAW Manga Junkyard Magnetic Volume 01-03 | ジャンクヤード・マグネティク 第01-03巻

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