Bokura no Negai (ぼくらのねがい) – Update Volume 2

Alternative Name : ぼくらのねがい, 我们的心愿, Bokurano Negai, Our Wish
Genre(s) : Drama, Slice of Life
Author : YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
Artist : YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
Years : 2012
Status in Country of Origin : 02 Volumes (Ongoing)

After Ryou’s father remarries, he’s not sure what to do with three new brothers and a stepmother at the age of 19. As he comes to appreciate his happy new home and family the glue holding them together starts to come undone. How will these four brothers weather tragedy after tragedy and stay together?

RAW Manga Bokura no Negai Volume 01-02 | ぼくらのねがい 第01-02巻

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