Graecia no Mahou (ギリシアの魔法) – 1 Volume Complete

Graecia no Mahou - ギリシアの魔法

Alternative Name : ギリシアの魔法, Girishia no Mahou, Greece no Mahou, The Greek Millionaire’s Marriage
Genre(s) : Josei, Romance
Author : SARA Wood
Artist : FUJIMOTO Sami
Years : 2009
Status in Country of Origin : 01 Volume (Complete)

When Olivia married Greek millionaire Dimitri she believed their love would last forever. However, her happiness lasted only for six months when she discovered her husband had a lover, and even a child with her. I cannot stand sharing my husband with another woman! Since then, three years have passed. Olivia now travels to Italy to see Dimitri again, but only to sign divorce papers. But when she sees Dimitri, who is as attractive as he was three years ago, she realizes she still loves him…

RAW Manga Graecia no Mahou | ギリシアの魔法


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