Baka Demo Kakeru (バカでも描けるまんが教室) – 1 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : バカでも描けるまんが教室, 笨蛋也OK的漫畫教室, “Even idiots can draw manga” Classroom, Baka demo Kakeru MANGA KYOSHITSU, Baka demo kakeru manga kyoushitsu, BAKAMAN, Stupid but manga drawing classroom
Genre(s) : Comedy, Shoujo
Author : SHINJO Mayu
Artist : SHINJO Mayu
Years : 2007
Status in Country of Origin : 01 Volume (Complete)

This is not a usual manga. It is some kind of ‘how-is-Shinjou Mayu-drawing-her-stories’.

RAW Manga Baka Demo Kakeru | バカでも描けるまんが教室

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