Explorer Woman Ray (エクスプローラーウーマン・レイ) – 2 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : エクスプローラーウーマン・レイ
Genre(s) : Action, Adventure, Seinen
Author : OKAZAKI Takeshi
Artist : OKAZAKI Takeshi
Years : 1988
Status in Country of Origin : 02 Volumes (Complete)

Professor and archeologist Rayna Kizuki holds an ancient artifact of the Ords given to her by her grandfather to protect. Two young girls, Mai and Mami, try to steal it from her in the hopes the artifact will lead them to treasure. But Rieg, a man who used to work with her grandfather, is also trying to get his hands on it, knowing the artifact actually holds the key to the ancient power of the Ords – a power of the light that not even the ancient people could control.

RAW Manga Explorer Woman Ray Volume 01-02 | エクスプローラーウーマン・レイ 第01-02巻

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