Shirley (シャーリー) – Update Volume 2


Related Series : Emma – エマ
Alternative Name : シャーリー, An Afternoon with Nelly and Me, Mary Banks
Genre(s) : Drama, Historical, Seinen, Slice of Life
Author : MORI Kaoru
Artist : MORI Kaoru
Years : 2003
Status in Country of Origin : 02 Volumes (Ongoing)

Yet another maid-tastic manga from Kaoru Mori, “Shirley” is an evocative glimpse into the daily life of winsome, 13-year-old Shirley, a maid in turn-of-the-century England. It is often compared to Yokahama Kaidashi Kikou, as both mangas feature languid pacing, atmospheric backgrounds, and a female main character who works in a cafe.

If you like YKK, have a weakness for “cute,” and/or have a maid fetish, this is the manga for you. No hentai, no fanservice, zero, zip, nada. Just pure maid-tastic moemoe.

*Includes two other stories:

5. An Afternoon with Nelly and Me

6. Mary Banks
“Mary Banks” tells about a maid with a Master who loved playing pranks on his servants. Frogs, spraying them with water, trip ropes and other forms of foolishness were all she could look forward to any day. But when her employer passes away unexpectedly, what will happen to Mary Banks?

RAW Manga Shirley Volume 01-02 | シャーリー 第01-02巻

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