Quadriga – Tougawa Shitennou (クアドリガ 徳川四天王) – Update Volume 2

Alternative Name : クアドリガ 徳川四天王, Quadriga
Genre(s) : Action, Historical
Author : HISU Muranaka
Artist : Dohae
Years : 2012
Status in Country of Origin : 02 Volumes (Ongoing)

Ieyasu Tokugawa was the founder of the Edo shogunate who unified Japan.
Four powerful Heavenly Kings guided him in his rise to power over the land!
Tadakatsu Honda, known as the strongest man in the Warring States, departs for the front lines!!

RAW Manga Quadriga – Tougawa Shitennou Volume 01-02 | クアドリガ 徳川四天王 第01-02巻

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