Play! (プレイ!) – 4 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : プレイ!
Genre(s) : Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Seinen
Author : HANAMIZAWA Q-taro
Artist : HANAMIZAWA Q-taro
Years : 2008
Status in Country of Origin : 04 Volumes (Complete)

Kanade and Tsuzumi need members for their girl pop band, Angelilly. They think they’ve found two: Katsuragi Taichi, who wants to be like Cayenne, a guitarist from his favorite heavy metal band, Gigaween, and Maikura Uta, who wants to sing a solo part in chorus class as well as her sempai, Shiin. Now, Kanade and Tsuzumi have tricked Katsuragi and Maikura into joining their band under false pretenses. The two don’t know what they’re getting into, but their new life is just beginning.

RAW Manga Play! Volume 01-04 | プレイ!第01-04巻

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