Manman-chan, An. (まんまんちゃん、あん。) – 3 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : まんまんちゃん、あん。, 佛祖情缘, Manman-chan, An
Genre(s) : Drama, Romance, Seinen
Author : SATOU Nanki
Artist : KIZUKI Akira
Years : 2007
Status in Country of Origin : 03 Volumes (Complete)

Meguri comes from a poor family with many children. She longed for a place where she can call her own. Her meeting with Shingen, a heir monk of a temple who’s being urged by his mother to get married soon, probably gave that chance. Falling for Shingen’s charisma, the two got married, so it’s probably happy ever after…

..except that Shingen died in a traffic accident not long after that. Now with dilemma of the temple’s inheritance, how will Meguri, and those around her, deal with the new circumstance? Will Meguri get to stay in her new home?

RAW Manga Manman-chan, An. Volume 01-03 | まんまんちゃん、あん。第01-03巻

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