Manga no Tsukurikata (まんがの作り方) – Update Volume 3

Alternative Name : まんがの作り方, 漫画的制作方法, How to Make a Manga
Genre(s) : Seinen, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life
Author : HIRAO Auri
Artist : HIRAO Auri
Years : 2008
Status in Country of Origin : 05 Volumes (Ongoing)

This manga is about a girl who debuted as a mangaka at the age of 13, but no longer has any work as a mangaka at the age of 19. She decides to once again be a mangaka after reading manga by someone named Sachi and since girls love and boys love is currently popular she decides to go out with a girl coworker named Morishita who is in love with her to gain experience for her manga. However, she finds out that Morishita is Sachi!

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    Please REupload this

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    but will be recovered?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope you have the volumes 6 soon 😀 I love this manga

  4. Comicsan says:

    Links volume 01-03 fixed
    It take me one week to found on my HDD for you ^.^!
    Thanks for your information of volume 6 ^.^~

  5. Thanks for the raw @_@
    i hope you’ll have all vol soon …

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