Momoka Comicalized (ももかコミカライズド) – 3 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : ももかコミカライズド
Genre(s) : Romance, Seinen
Author : KAZAHANA Chiruwo
Artist : KAZAHANA Chiruwo
Years : 2010
Status in Country of Origin : 03 Volumes (Complete)

Rookie manga author Himesaki Momoko, an introverted high school girl, brought her proudest work to the publisher to see if they would put it in one of their shoujo magazines. Momoko’s shyness and nervousness caused a misunderstanding and, although her work was highly praised and given a spot in the magazine, it was published in a moe magazine instead of a shoujo one. Feeling down on herself, Momoko soon learns that her classmate and crush, Igarashi, despises the moe genre, but, for an odd reason, takes interest in the work Momoko did. Since her work was published under a different name, Igarashi didn’t find out it was Momoko’s series, but she has to do something before he finds out that she’s an author for a moe magazine and gets totally hated.

RAW Manga Momoka Comicalized Volume 01-03 | ももかコミカライズド 第01-03巻

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