Maniac Road (まにぃロード) – 3 Volume Complete

Alternative Name : まにぃロード, 狂热电器店, Road of Maniac
Genre(s) : Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
Author : KURIHASHI Shinsuke
Artist : KURIHASHI Shinsuke
Years : 2002
Status in Country of Origin : 03 Volumes (Complete)

Three sisters, Isuzu, Aoba, and Haruna, inherit an electronics store in Akihabara from their dead father, but their business is not doing well. Creditors have threatened to seize their shop if they cannot pay their bills. They find a heart-broken otaku named Takezou Muto on the doorstep of their shop, and he is able to save the day and the shop with his quick thinking. He is hired on permanently, and Haruna, the motherly sister, asks him to transform their store into a money-making enterprise. Takezou dreams of it becoming an otaku paradise, much to the delight of Isuzu and much to the consternation of Aoba.

RAW Manga Maniac Road Volume 01-03 | まにぃロード 第01-03巻

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